Welcome to my world of handpan music! I am a self-employed musician, dedicated to sharing the magic that the handpan brings to our lives. Through workshops, retreats, and concerts, I strive to spread the joy and wonder of this captivating instrument. 

As a teacher, I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and love for the handpan to others. In my workshops, I provide a nurturing and immersive environment where beginners can discover the joy of playing and experienced players can deepen their skills. Together, we explore the intricacies of this unique instrument, unlocking its secrets and expanding our musical horizons. 

Join me on this journey as we embrace the enchantment of the handpan together. Through workshops, retreats, and concerts, let's explore the endless possibilities that this instrument offers. Together, we'll unlock the magic within ourselves and spread the joy of handpan music far and wide. Welcome to the world of handpan melodies!

Tutorial Series

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Each Series will have a different topic. The goal is to give you as many options as possible to dive deeper into the world of handpan and develop your individual playing style.

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Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” - Mooji